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A tribute to Judas priest : A tribute to Judas Priest VOL I
A tribute to Judas Priest : A tribute to Judas Priest VOL II
A tribute to the legendary TWISTED SISTE : A tribute to the legendary TWISTED SISTE
Ac/dc : Family Jewels
Accept : Staying alife
ANNIHILATOR : Set the world on fire
Annihilator : In command
Annihilator : Never Never land
ANTHRAX : Live the island recordings
Anthrax : Persistence of Time
Anthrax : Im the man (EP)
Anthrax : Armed and Dangerous
Anthrax : Only (EP)
Anthrax : ALIVE:2 (2005) special edition
Anthrax : Live noize
Anthrax : Oidivnikufesin
Anthrax : Penikufesin (Ep)
Anthrax : I am the law (single)
Anthrax : Anti-social (single)
Asia : Live In Moscow
Avantasia : The Metal Opera Pt.2
Avantasia : Lost in Space part 1
Avantasia : Lost in Space part 2
Black Ingvars : Schlagermetal
Black Ingvars : Earcandy Six
Black Ingvars : Earcandy 5
Blandet : Alla tiders melodifestival
Blue Tears : Blue Tears
Children of bodom : In your face (single)
Cinderella : Rocked, Wired and Bluesed
Code of perfection : Last exit for the lost
Cooper, Alice : Live at Montreaux Jazz Festival
Cooper, D.c. : S/T
Corrs, The : Forgiven not forgotten
Cradle Of filth : Live bait for the dead
Cradle of filth : Dusk....and her embrace
Cradle of filth : Love craft and witch hearts
Cradle of filth : Vempire of fark faerytales
Cradle Of Filth : Bitter Suites to succubi
Cradle Of Filth : Damnation and a day
Cradle Of Filth : Cruelty and the beast
Cradle Of Filth : Midian
Cradle Of Filth : Heavy left-handed and candid
Cradle Of Filth : Pandaemonaeom
Cradle Of Filth : From the cradle to enslave (Ep)
Cradle of Filth : Peace through superior firepower
Cradle of Filth : Thornography
CRIMSON GLORY : Transcendence
CRIMSON GLORY : Crimson Glory
Criss : The Cat
Danger Danger : Down and dirty LIVE
Danger Danger : Danger Danger
Danger Danger : Live and Nude
DEF LEPPARD : Adrenalize
Def Leppard : In the roundI/n your face (DVD)
DIO : Evil or Divine (DVD)
Dio : Holy diver LIVE
Dokken : Beast from the east
DOMAIN : The Sixth Dimension
DOMAIN : Before The Storm
DOMAIN : Collection 86-92
Domain : Last days of Utopia
Domain : The essence of glory
DORO : Doro Live
Doro : Für Immer (dobbelt DVD)
DRAGONFORCE : Sonic Firestorm
DREAM THEATER : Images and Words
Dream Theater : Metropolis 2000:Scenes from New York (DVD)
EDGUY : Burning down the opera
Edguy : Savage Poetry
Edguy : Hellfire Club
Edguy : Vain Glory Opera
Edguy : Theater of salvation
Edguy : Lavatory Love machine (EP)
Edguy : Hall of flame
Europe : Rock the Night (DVD)
EVIDENCE ONE : Criticize the truth
Evidence One : Tattooed Heart
Fight : Mutations
Firehouse : Bring 'em out ,live
FM : No Electricity Required
Ford, Lita : Lita Ford
Freedom Call : Eternity
Freedom Call : Live Invasion
Gamma Ray : Blast from the past
Gamma Ray : Lust for Life
Gamma Ray : Alive '95
Genesis : The way we walk
Grave Digger : Tunes of wacken
Great White : My...My...My...(DVD)
HALFORD : LIVE insurrection
HammerFall : Glory To The Brave
Hammerfall : One Crimson Night
Hammerfall : I want out (SINGLE)
Hammerfall : One Crimson Night (DVD)
HammerFall : The First Crusade
Hardcore Superstar : Dreaming in a casket
Hardline : Live at the gods festival 2002 (DVD)
Heathen : Victims of deception
Heathen : Breakin the silence
Heavenly : Sign of the winner
HELLOWEEN : Pink bubbles go ape
HELLOWEEN : The best,-the rest-the rare
Helloween : The dark ride
Helloween : Better than raw
Helloween : Keepers LIVE
Helloween : High live
Helloween : Treasure chest / Buried Treasure
Helloween : Chameleon
Helloween : Hellish videos
Helloween : The legacy world tour 2005/2006
Holy Mother : My world war
ICED EARTH : Tribute to the godz
Iron Maiden : From here to eternity (single)
Jerry Lee Lewis : Live at the hamburg star club
Johansson : The Last viking
Journey : Journey 2001 (DVD)
Judas Priest : Priest.....LIVE (Special edition)
Judas Priest : Judas Priest LIVE
Kershaw, Nik : Greatest hits
King Diamond : Deadly Lullabies
King Diamond : Abigail Anniversary cd/dvd edition
Kiss : Alive 4
LABYRINTH : Return to heaven denied
Labyrinth : No limits
Labyrinth : Piece of time (Single)
Labyrinth : Timeless Crimes (single)
Live Aid 1985 : Live Aid 1985
Loud'n'Nasty : No one rocks like you
Malmsteen, Yngwie : Magnum opus
Malmsteen, Yngwie : Trial By Fire
Manowar : Hell on wheels
Manowar : Warriors of the world united
Manowar : Fire and blood (Hell on earth part 2)
Manowar : Hell on earth part 1
May, Brian : Live at the Brixton academy
Megadeth : Rude awekening
Metallica : Live shit: Binge & purge
Metallica : Live at Wembley 1992 Freddie Mercury Tribute concert(Single)
Metallica : Wherever I may roam (Single)
Metallica : Nothing else matters (single)
Midnite Club : Circus of life
Moscow peace festival part 2 : Moscow peace festival
Moscow Peace Fetival : Moscow Peace festival
Mr. Big : LIVE
Mötley Crüe : Girls, Girls, Girls
Mötley Crüe : Theatre of Pain
Mötley Crüe : Shout at the devil
Mötley Crüe : Too Fast For Love
Mötley Crüe : Supersonic and demonic Relics
Mötley Crüe : Live:Entertaiment or Death
Mötley Crüe : Decade of Decadence
Mötley Crüe : Uncensored (VIDEO)
Mötley Crüe : Afraid (single)
Mötley Crüe : Carnival of sin
NIGHTWISH : Century Child
NIGHTWISH : Over the hills and far away
Nightwish : From wishes to eternity
Nightwish : Wishmaster
Nightwish : Oceanborn
NIGHTWISH : From wishes to eternity (DVD)
Nightwish : End of Innocence (DVD)
Nightwish : Bless the child
Nightwish : The Siren (single)
Nightwish : End of an era (dvd/dbl cd)
NITRO : Hot Wet Drippin' With Sweat
NOCTURNAL RITES : Tales of mystery and imaginations
Nocturnal Rites : The sacred talisman
Nocturnal Rites : Afterlife
Nocturnal Rites : Shadowland
Notre Dame : Coming Soon To A Theatre Near you!!!
Osbourne, Ozzy : The ultimate Ozzy
Osbourne, Ozzy : Bark at the moon concert
Osbourne, Ozzy : The Prince of Darkness
Pantera : Cowboys from hell
Pantera : Official LIVE 101 % Proof
Pantera : 3 vulgar videos from hell
Panzerflame : Leather (Demo)
Paradise Lost : Reflections
Paradise Lost : Draconian Times (special edition)
Paradise Lost : Icon
Paradise Lost : One second
Pink Cream 69 : Mixery (EP)
POISON : Swallow this live
Primal Fear : The history of fear (DVD/CD)
Primal Fear : Metal is forever (The Very Best of Primal Fear)
Prime Time : The Miracle
Queen : Live at wembley 1986
Rhapsody : Tales from the emerald sword saga
Rhapsody : The Magic of the wizard's dream
Rhapsody : The Dark secret (Live in canada with bonus dvd)
Roth, David Lee : David Lee Roth Videos
ROYAL HUNT : Moving Target
Running Wild : Ready for Bording
Running Wild : LIVE
Savatage : Ghost in the ruin - a tribute to Criss O
Savatage : From the gutter to the stage
Scorpions : Acoustica (DVD)
SHAKRA : The live side
SHAKRA : My Life - my world Live at Z7
SHAMELESS : Backstreet anthems
Shout ( 90's ) : Shout
SILENT FORCE : Infatuator
SLAUGHTER : Eternal Live
Sonata Arctica : For the sake of revenge
Spinefarm Metal (DVD) : Spinefarm Metal (DVD)
StarRats : Rebelütion
Starz?! : Party
Status Quo : Famous in the last century
Stratovarius : Episode
Stratovarius : Visions-live in Europe
Stratovarius : Fourth Dimension
Stratovarius : Visions
Stryper : Live In japan
Swedish Erotica : Swedish Erotica
Thunder : LIVE
Trance Dance : Greatest hits
Tribute to the voice of METAL : Holy Dio-A tribute to the voice of METAL
TUFF : What comes around, goes around
Tuff : The History of Tuff
Turilli, Luca : King of the nordic twilight
Twilightning : Delerium Veil
Twisted Sister : Live at Hammersmith
TYRAN' PACE : Long live metal
UDO : Nailed to metal (special boxset)
Van Halen : II
VAN HALEN : Right here, right now
Van Halen : Diver Down
Van Halen : Live without a net DVD
Various : A tribute to Accept part 1
Various : A tribute to aceept part 2
Various : Bill and Teds Bogus Journey
Various : An all star tribute to Iron Maiden
Various : A kissin' time - a tribute to KISS
Various : LIVE 8
Various : Kerrang LADYKILLERS
Various : Nativity In black - a tribute to BLACK SABBATH
Various : Svenska Raggar hits
Various : Svenska Schlager vinnare
Various : A tribute to the beast
Various : Keepers of Jericho
Various : Keepers of Jericho 2
Various : Sweden Rock Festival 2006
VISION DIVINE : Send me an Angel
W.a.s.p. : The best of the best
W.a.s.p. : Wasp (special edition)
W.a.s.p. : Live...In the raw (special edition)
W.a.s.p. : The Crimson Idol (special edition)
W.a.s.p. : The headless Children
W.A.S.P. : The Sting (DVD)
Wells, Robert : Rhapsody In Rock-the complete Collection
Wells, Robert : The Anniversary Tour
Wells, Robert : The Staduim Tour Sommar 2002
Wells, Robert : Rhapspdy In Rock (The anniversary tour)
Wells, Robert : Completely Live
Wells, Robert : The summer 2005 tour
Whitesnake : Trilogy (VIDEO)
Whitesnake : Live in the still of the night
Whitesnake : Live in the shadow of the blues
Wig Wam : Rock n Roll Revolution 2005
Williams, Jerry : Live på Börsen
Winter Rose : Winter Rose
Witchery : Witchhunter