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TOP 100

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101 South : 101 South
220 Volt : Walking In Starlight
38 Special : Resolution
38 Special : Special Forces
38 Special : Strength In Numbers
7 Months : 7 Months
9.0 : Too Far Gone
A Pale Horse Called Death : Lay My Soul To Waste
A.S.A.P : Silver And Gold
Aaron Chris, The Band : Freedom 5 Miles
Aaron, Lee : Lee Aaron
Aaron, Lee : Body Rock
Aaron, Lee : Emotional Rain
Aaron, Lee : The Best Of Lee Aaron
Aaron, Lee And 2 Precious : Lee Aaron And 2 Precious
Abraxas Pool : Abraxas Pool
AC/DC : Highway To Hell
AC/DC : If You Want Blood
Ac/dc : Black Ice
Acacia Avenue : Cold
Accept : Live In Japan
Accept : Blind Rage
Aces High : Forgive & Forget
Aces High : Pull No Punches
Adrenaline Rush : Adrenaline Rush
AEROSMITH : Permanent Vacation
AEROSMITH : Toys In The Attic
Aerosmith : Rocks
Aerosmith : Live Bootleg
Aerosmith : Rock In A Hard Place
Aerosmith : Nine Lives
Aerosmith : Classics Live Complete
Aftermath : Natural Destruction
Air Pavilion : Sarrph Cogh
ALIEN : Shiftin' Gear
ALIEN : Alien
Alizee : Mes Courants Electriques
ALLIGATOR STEW : Alligator Stew
ALLIGATOR STEW : Welcome To Montecello...L
Allison : One
Almighty, The : Powertrippin / Live
Almighty, The : Crank
Almighty, The : Just Add Life, Live cd
Alter Bridge : Fortress
Amaranthe : Amaranthe
Amaze Me : Dream On
American Dog : Red, White, Black And Blue
American Dog : Neanderthal
American Tears : Tear Gas
Angel Dust : Border Of Reality
Angel Dust : Bleed
Angel Dust : Of Human Bondage
Angel Dust : Enlighten The Darkness
Angry : Blood From Stone
Anthrax : The Threat Is Real
Anti Mortem : New Southern
Anvil : Anthology
Anvil : Plugged In Permanent
AOR : Dreaming Of L.A
Arc Angel : Harlequins Of Light
Ark : Ark
Armored Saint : Delirious Nomad
Armored Saint : Raising Fear
Armored Saint : Symbol Of Salvation
Armored Saint : Revelation
Armored Saint : Win Hands Down
Artillery : When Death Comes
Artillery : Penalty By Perception
Asia : Phoenix
Asia : Gravitas
Asphalt Ballet : Pigs
Atlantic : Power
Atomic Opera : For Madmen Only
ATTRACTION : Get Up 'N Shake
Aviator : Aviator
Axe : Axe
Axxis : Matters Of Survival
Axxis : Back To The Kingdom
Baby Animals : Baby Animals
Backdraft : Here To Save You All
Backstreet Girls : Party On Elm Street
Bad Company : Holy Water
Bad Company : Here Comes Trouble
Bad Company : Company Of Strangers
Bad Company : Dangerous Age
Bad Habitz : Dedicated To Thin Lizzy
Bad Medicine : Bad Medicine
Bad Moon Rising : Blood
Baird, Dan : Buffalo Nickel
Baltimoore III : Double Density
Bang Tango : Dancin' On Coals incl. Bonus Track
Banshee : Take Em By Storm
BATON ROUGE : Shake Your Soul
Baton Rouge : Baton Rouge
Battlecross : War Of Will
Beautiful Creatures : BC
Beauvoir, Jean : Chameleon
Beck, Robin : Can'T Get Off
Beckett : Beckett
Beggars and Thieves : We Are The Brokenhearted
Ben Jackson Group : All Over You
Benatar, Pat : Get Nervous
Benatar, Pat : Precious Time
Benatar, Pat : All Fired Up
Benatar, Pat : Live From Earth
Benatar, Pat : Gravitys Rainbow
Big Fat Snake : Fight For Your Love
Big Fat Snake : Running Man
Big Fat Snake : www.bigfatsnake.com
Big Fat Snake : More Fire
Big Fat Snake : The Live Power Of JBL
Black Country Communion : 2
Black Ingvars : The Very Best Of
Black Label Society : Stronger Than Death
Black Label Society : 1919*Eternal
Black Label Society : Blessed Hellride
Black Label Society : Catacombs Of The Black Vatican
Black Rose (Usa) : Black Rose
Black Sabbath : Cross Purposes
Black Sabbath : Reunion
Black Sabbath : Live Evil
Black Sabbath : Heaven And Hell
Black Sabbath : Mob Rules
BLACK' N BLUE : Black' N Blue
Blackfoot : Highway Song Live
Blackfoot : No Reservations
Blackfoot : Siogo
Blackfoot : Flyin' High
Blackfoot : Strikes
Blackfoot : After The Reign
Blackfoot : Vertical Smiles
Blackfoot : On The Run (King Bisquit Live)
Blacklace : Unlaced
Blacklace : Get It While Its Hot
Blind Guardian : The Forgotten Tales
Blood Divine, The : Awaken
Bloodgood : All Stand Together
Bloodline : Bloodline
Bloodstone : Down The Line 2000
Blue Blud : Universal Language
Blue Oyster Cult : Agents Of Fortune
Blue Oyster Cult : Heaven Forbid
Blue Oyster Cult : On Your Feet Or On Your Knees
Blue Oyster Cult : Club Ninja
Blue Oyster Cult : Imaginos
Blue Oyster Cult : Extraterrestrial Live
Blue Oyster Cult : Some Enchanted Evening
Blue Oyster Cult : Revolution By Night
Blue Oyster Cult : Curse Of The Hidden Mirror
Bogus Toms : Bogus Toms
Bolton, Michael : Everybody's Crazy
Bon Jovi : Lay Your Hands On Me (Japansk cd)
Bon Jovi : The Circle
Bonamassa, Joe : Blues Deluxe
BONFIRE : Knock Out
Boston tribute : Tribute To Boston
Bowes and Morley : Moving Swiftly Along
Brand New Sin : Recipe For Disaster
BRAVE, THE : Battle Cries
Brock, Terry : Diamond Blue
Buckcherry : Buckcherry
Bullet : Heading For The Top
Bulletboys : Za za
Bulletboys : Freakshow
Bush, Stan : Dial - 818 888 8638
Caffery, Chris : Faces
Caffery, Chris : W.A.R.P.E.D
Calvin, Misha : Evolution 2
Campbell, John : One Believer
Campbell, John : Howlin' Mercy
Carey, Tony : The Long Road
Carey, Tony : Some Tough City
Carey, Tony : Bedtime Story
Carey, Tony : Storyville
Cetera, Peter : One More Story
Chainfist : Scarred
Chalfant, Kevin : Fly 2 Freedom
Champlin, Tamara : You Wont Go To Heaven Alive
Chase (Usa) : In Pursuit
Chastain : In Dementia
Cheap Trick : Cheap trick [1997]
China : Go All The Way
Chris Ousey : Dream Machine
CIA : Attitude
Cinderella : Live At The Key Club
Cinderella : Once Upon A Time...
Clarke, Gilby : Pawnshop Guitars
Col.Parker : Rock'N'Roll Music
Cole, Jude : A View From 3rd Street
Company Of Snakes : Burst The Bubble
Company Of Snakes : Here They Go Again
Company Of Wolves : Company Of Wolves
Constancia : Final Curtain
Contraband : Contraband
Craig Goldy's Ritual : Hidden In Plain Sight
Creed : My Own Prison
Cross, Billy : Billy Cross
Crow, Sheryl : The Globe Sessions - Tour Edition
Crown Of Thorns : Crown Of Thorns
Crown Of Thorns : Lost Cathedral
Cry Wolf : Cry Wolf (Japaner)
D.a.d : Soft Dogs
D.a.d : Good Clean Family Intertainment You Can
D.a.d : Osaka After Dark
D.a.d : Psychopatico
Dakota : Runaway (Rerelease)
DC World : DC World
DEEP PURPLE : Machine Head Anniversary
Deep Purple : Banana
Deep Purple : Book Of Taliesyn
Deep Purple : The Battle Rages On
Deep Purple : In Rock - Remastered
Def Leppard : Retroactive
Def Leppard : Def Leppard
Delta Cross Band : Tough Times
Delta Cross Band : Dirty Trax
Delta Rebels : Down In The Dirt
Demolition 23 : Demolition 23
Demonica : Demonstrous
Denner / Shermann : Satans Tomb
Denner / Shermann : Masters Of Evil
Derek And The Dirt : Love Exaltation
Deris, Andi : Come In From The Rain
Derringer, Rick : Back To The Blues
Desmond Child (Var artists) : Legends-Vol 1
Devon Allman's Honey Tribe : Torch
Dezperadoz : Dead Mans Hand
Diamond Dawn : Into Overdrive
Dianno, Paul : The Worlds First Iron Man
Dillinger : Horses and Hawgs
Dio : Strange Highways
Dirty Deeds (UK) : Danger Of Infection.....
Dirty Looks : Bootlegs
Dirty Looks : Five Easy Pieces
Disturbed : Immortalized
Diving For Pearls : Diving For Pearls
Dixon, Carl : One
Doc Holliday : A Better Road
Doc Holliday : Doc Holliday
Doctor Butcher : Doctor Butcher
Dokken : One Live Night
Dokken : Live From The Sun
Donahue, Tim : Voices In The Wind
DORO : Force Majeure
DORO : Doro
DORO : Angels Never Die
Doro : Machine To Machine
Dream Theater : Live At Marquee
Dream Theater : Awake
Dream Theater : Once In A Livetime
Dream Theater : Live Scenes From New York
Dreamtide : Here Comes The Flood
Drive She Said : Drivin' Wheel
Driver : Driver
Dungeon : Resurrection
Eagles, The : Hotel California
Eartquake : Theatricals
Edenbridge : Aphelion
Edgar Winter Group, The : They Only Come Out At Night
Eisley, David Glen : The Lost Tapes
Electric Boys : Freewheelin'
Eriksen, Mads : M.E
Eternal Flame : King Of THe King
Evil : Evil's message
Evil : Shoot The Messenger
Evil Masquerade : Pentagram
Evil Masquerade : The Digital Crucifix
Evile : Five Serpent´s Teeth
Explorers Club : Raising The Mammoth
F.B.I : Hell On Wheels
Fair Warning : GO
Fair Warning : 4
Faith Nation : Ordinary People
Far Corporation : Division One
Far Corporation : Solitude
Fastway : Bad Bad Girls
Fatal Force : Unholy Rites
Fates Warning : Perfect Symetry
Feehan, Tim : Pray For Rain
Feehan, Tim : Full Contact
Femme Fatale : Femme Fatale
Fierce Heart : Fierce Heart
Finn, Dag : The Wonderful World Of Dag Finn
Fiona : Squeeze
Firkins, Michael Lee : Decomposition
Fister, Steve : Shadow King
Flame : Flame
Fleischman, Robert : World In Your Eyes
Flotsam And Jetsam : High
Flyer : Sell Your Soul
FM : Dead Man´s Shoes
FM : Aphrodesiac
Foghat : return Of The Boogie Men
Foley, Ellen : Nightout
Foolhouse, The : Bite The Dust
For Selena And Sin : Primrose Path
Force Of Evil : Force Of Evil
Force Of Evil : Black Empire
Foreigner : Classic Hits Live
Foreigner : Can´t Slow Down
Fortune(Swe) : Calling Spirits
Four Horsemen, The : Gettin' Good At Barely Gettin' By
Fozzy : Happenstance
Frampton, Peter : Premonition
Frank Marino And Mahogany Rush : Whats Next
Frank Marino And Mahogany Rush : IV
Frank Marino And Mahogany Rush : Tales Of The Unexpected
Freak Kitchen : Appetizer
Freak Kitchen : Move
Free, Mark : Long Way From Love
Frehley, Ace : Trouble Walkin'
Frozen Ghost : Nice Place To Visit
GAELERI : Still Here
Gaines, Steve : One In The Sun
Galactic Cowboys : Feel The Rage
Genitorturers : Flesh Is The Law
Ghost Brigade : Guided By Fire
Giant : It Takes Two og Giant Live (Jap)
Gilbert, Paul : King Of Clubs
Gillan And Glover : Accidentally On Purpose
Gillan, Ian : Naked Thunder
Gillan, Ian : What I Did On My Vacation
Gillan, Ian : The Best Of
Gillis, Brad : Gillrock Ranch
Glass Tiger : Diamond Sun
Glory : Crisis VS Crisis
Glory : Wintergreen
Godz, The : Mongolians
Golden Earring : Bloody Buccaneers
Golden Earring : Cut
Gothic Knights : Up From The Ashes
Gotthard : Gotthard
Gotthard : Dial Hard
Gotthard : G
Gotthard : Homerun
Gotthard : Made In Switzerland
Gramm, Lou : Ready Or Not
Grand Magus : Triumph And Power
Grand Magus : The Hunt
Grand Magus : Hammer Of The North
Grand Magus : Sword Songs
Great King Rat : Great King Rat
Great White : Recovery live
Great White : Sail Away inc. Bonus live cd
Grim Reaper : Best Of
Grip Inc. : Nemesis
Guano Apes : Walking On A Thin Line
Gun : Taking On The World
Gun Barrel : Power Dive
Guns, Tracii : Killing Machine
Hagar, Sammy : Unboxed
Hagar, Sammy : Standing Hampton
Hagar, Sammy : VOA
Hagar, Sammy : Red Hot-Very Live In Concert
Hagar, Sammy : Red Voodoo
Hair Of The Dog : Rise
Halford : Resurrection
Halford : Crucible
Hall Aflame : Guranteed Forever
Harem Scarem : Higher
Harlow : Harlow
Harter Attack : Human Hell
Haynes, Warren : Tales Of ordinary Madness
Heads Or Tales : Eternity Becomes A Lie
Heads Up : The Long Shot
Heart : Desire Walks On
Heartland : As It Comes
Heartland : Miracles By Design
Heat, The : Goldfinger
Heaven And Earth : Windows To The World
Heaven And Hell : Radio Music City Hall
HEAVENS EDGE : Some Other Place Some Other Time
Heavens Trail : Lethal Mind
HELIX : No Rest For The Wicked
HELIX : Its A Business Doing Pleasure
HELIX : Wild In The Streets
HELIX : Walkin' The Razors Edge
Helix : Bastard Of THe Blues
Heljareyga : Heljareyga
Hell In The Club : Devil On My Shoulder
Henley, Don : The End Of The Innocence
Hensley, Ken : The Last Dance
Hess : Just Another Day
Holy Soldier : Encore
Honeymoon Suite : Racing After Midnight
Hooters, The : Out Of Body
Hooters, The : Zig Zag
Horakane : Eternal Infinity
Hotel Hunger : This Is Where The Fun Starts
Howe II : Now Hear This
Hughes And Thrall : Hughes & Thrall
Hughes, Gary : Gary Hughes
Hughes, Glenn : From Now On
Hybrid Ice : No Rules
Idol, Billy : Devil's Playground
Infectious Grooves : Sarsippius' Ark
Iron Fire : Blade Of Triumph
Iron Savior : Coming Home
Jag : The Only World In Town
Jagged Edge : Fuel For Your Soul
Jamison, Jimi : Jim Jamison Survivor Collection
Jeffries, Gary : Middle Class Man
Jerusalem : Prophet
Jesse Strange : Jesse Strange
Jet Circus : Step On It
Jethro Tull : Crest Of Knave
Jettblack : Get Your Hands Dirty
Jimmie Van Zant Band : Southern Comfort
Johansson Brothers, The : The Johansson Brothers
Johnny Law : Johnny Law
Jones, Mick : Mick Jones
Jorn : Lonely Are The Brave
Jorn : Spirit Black
Jorn : Heavy Rock Radio II
Joshua : Intense Defence (Reissue)
Journey : Revelation inc. DVD
Judas Priest : Nostradamus
Judas Priest : Firepower
Junkyard : Sixes, Sevens and Nines
K, W. Andrew : The Wolf
Kansas : Power
Katon, Michael : Rip It Hard
Katon, Michael : Proud To Be Loud
Kee Marcello : Scaling Up
Keegan : Mind On Mind
Keen Hue : Juicy Fruit Lucy
Keifer, Tom : Rise
Kelley's Heroes : Kelley's Heroes
Kickin Valentina : Super Atomic
Kidd Glove : Kidd Glove
Kill For Thrills : Dynamits From Nightmareland
Killing Culture : Killing Culture
King Kobra : II
Kiss : Sonic Boom
Kix : Blow My Fuse
Kotzev, Nikolo : Nicolo Kotzevs Nostradamus
Krokus : Stampede
Krokus : Fire And Gasoline
Krokus : Hellraiser
Krokus : Hoodoo
Kyle, Jaime : Back From Hollywood
Kyle, Jaime : The Best Of My Heart
L.a. Guns : Hollywood Vampires
L.a. Guns : Vicious Circle
Lacuna Coil : Dark Adrenaline
Lambretta : Lambretta
Lamothe, Rob : Beeing Human
Lana Lane : Curious Goods Special Edition
LANCIA : Lancia
Lawrence, Jimmy : The World Is Round
Leatherwolf : Leatherwolf
Legs Diamond : Diamonds Are Forever
LEMMY, SLIM JIM and DANNY B. : Lemmy, Slim Jim & Danny B.
Lennon, Julian : Help Yourself
Lethal : Poison Seed
Leviticus : Setting Fire To The Earth
Liaison : Liaison
Line Up : Lucky One
Lion Share : Fall From Grace
Lionsheart : Under Fire
Liquid Fire : Livin' In Fire
Lister, Aynsley : All Or Nothing
Little Caesar : Little Caesar
Little Caesar : This Time Its Different
Little Yankees : All Or Nothing
Locomotive Breath : Train Of New Events
Lonely Boys, The : The Lonely Boys
Lost Weekend : New Religion
Loudmouth : Loudmouth
Loudness : Engine
Love/Hate : Wasted In America
Lover Under Cover : Into The Night
LOVEWAR : Soak Your Brain
Lucas, Dan : 2000
Lukather, Steve : Luke
Lynott, Phil : Live In Sweden 1983
Lynott, Phil : Solo In Soho
Lynyrd Skynyrd : The Last Rebel
Macalpine, Tony : Freedom To Fly
Macalpine, Tony : Chromaticity
Mad Max : Never Say Never
Madmax : Madness Reigns
Magdallan : Big Bang
MANIC EDEN : Manic Eden
Mara : Poetry and Motion
Marino, Frank : Juggernaut
Marino, Frank : The Power Of Rock'N Roll
Marino, Frank : From The Hip
Marino, Frank : Full Circle
Marino, Frank and Mahogany Rush : Double Live
Marino, Frank and Mahogany Rush : World Anthem
Martin, Tony : Back Where I Belong
Masi, Alex : Vertical Invader
Masquerade : Masquerade
Mass : Voices In The Night
Mass : Crack Of Dawn
McCartney, Paul : Flaming Pie
Mcdonald, Brian : Wind It Up
McGuinn, Roger : Back From Rio
MD.45 : The Craving
Meanstreak : Roadkill
Meat Loaf : Bat Out Of Hell
Meat Loaf : Couldnt Have Said Better
Meat Loaf : Bat Out Of Hell 3 - The Monster Is Loose
Meat Loaf : Bat Out Of Hell Live / With Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
Megadeth : The Sũstem Has Failed
Megadeth : Endgame
Mercenary : The Hours That Remain
Metal Church : Hanging In THe Balance
Metal Church : Blessing IN Disguise
Metal Church : Human Factor
Metal Church : Metal Church Live
Metallica : Jump In The Fire
Metallica : Copenhagen Magnetic Night One
Metropolis : The Power Of The Night
Midnight Sun : Nemesis
Million Dollar Reload : A Sinners saint
Mindstorm : Back To Reality
Misfits : Legacy Of Brutality
Mogg / Way : Edge Of The World
Mogg / Way : Chocolate Box
Mollo And Martin : The Cage
Mollo And Martin : The Cage 2
Molly Hatchet : Warriors Of The Rainbow Bridge
Molly Hatchet : The Deed Is Done
Molly Hatchet : Double Trouble Live
Molly Hatchet : 25th Anniversary Best Of Re-recorded
Molly Hatchet : Kingdom of XII
Molly Hatchet : No Guts...No Glory
Molly Hatchet : Lightning Strikes
Molly Hatchet : Molly Hatchet
Molly Hatchet : Live At The Agora Ballroom
Molly Hatchet : Take No Prisoners
Molly Hatchet : Greatest Hits Live (King Bisquit)
Molly Hatchet : Live In Hamburg
Molly Hatchet : Southern Rock Masters
Monarch : Monarch
Money, Eddie : Nothing To Lose
Monster Magnet : Dopes To Infinity
Monster Magnet : Powertrip
Montrose, Ronnie : Thespeedofsound
Moon, Gary : Still Moon
Moore, Gary : We Want Moore
Moore, Vinnie : Vinnie Moore Live
Moore, Vinnie : Defying Gravity
Morgana Lefay : Sanctified
Mortal Sin : Face Of Despair
Mothers Finest : Black Radio Wont Play This Record
Motörhead : March Or Die
Motörhead : Sacrifice
Motörhead : We Are Motörhead
Motörhead : Bastards
Motörhead : Dancing On Your Grave
Motörhead : Bad Magic
MSG : Perfect Timing
MSG : One Night At Budokan
Mudpie : Mudpie
Mullen, David : Faded Blues
Murders Row : Murders Row
Mustasch : Above All
Mustasch : Sounds Like Hell, Looks Like Heaven
MVP : Animation
My Dying bride : Songs Of Darkness, Words Of Light
Mystery : Backwards
Mötley Crüe : Generation Swine
Naked Rain : Brothers And Sisters
Narita : Changes
Narita : Narita
Nasty Idols : Gigolos on Parole
Nasty Idols : Cruel Intention
Neil, Vince : Exposed
Neurotic Outsiders : Neurotic Outsiders
Nickelback : Silver Side Up
Nicks, Stevie : Rock A Little
Nicks, Stevie : The Other Side Of The Mirror
Nicks, Stevie : Wild Heart
Nicks, Stevie : The Best Of Stevie Nicks Time Space
Nicks, Stevie : Street Angel
Nicks, Stevie : Trouble In Shangri-La
Night Ranger : Neverland
Night Ranger : Live In Japan
Nightshade : Men Of Iron
Nightshade : Dead Of Night
Nightwish : Endless Forms Most Beautiful
No Bros : Export Of Hell
Northeren Kings : Rethroned
Norum, Tone : Dont Turn Around
Novella : One Big Sky
Noyz : Noyz
Nugent, Ted : Live At Hammersmith '79
Nugent, Ted : Spirit Of The Wild
Nugent, Ted : If You Cant Lick 'em
Nugent, Ted : Double Live Gonzo
Ocean : Ocean (inkl. 4 Bonus nr.)
Once And Future King : Part 1
Once And Future King : Part 2
One Two : One Two
One Two : Getting Better
Ousey, Chris : Rhyme And Reason
Outlaw Blood : Outlaw Blood
Outlaws : Diablo Canyon
Overload : Difference Of Opinion
Paganini : It´s A Long Way To The Top
Pandora's Box : Original Sin
Panic : Fact
Paragon : The Final Command
Parr, John : Man With A Vision
Parr, John : John Parr
Party Boys, The : The Party Boys
Pat Travers And Carmine Appice : Bazooka
Paul Chapman's Ghost : Ghost
PEO : Look What I've Started
Perfect World : Perfect World
Pete Sandbergs Jade : S/T
Petra : This Means War
Pink Cream 69 : Food For Thoughts
Planet P Project : 1931
Plant, Robert : Fate Of Nations
Pleasure Bombs : Day's Of Heaven
Point Blank : Point Blank
Point Blank : Second Season
Point Blank : Reloaded
Poison : Poison'd
Pole Position : Pole Position
Powers, Lance : Destination Unknown
Powers, Lance : Straight From The Heart
Pride And Glory : Pride And Glory
Prime Time : The Unknown
Private Life : Private Life
Problem Child : Problem Child
Prong : Cleansing
Prophet : Recycled
QSP : Quatro Scott Powell
Queen : Sheer Heart Attack
Queen : Queen Live Killers
Queen : Live At The Bowl
Queensr˙che : Hear In The Now Frontier
Queensr˙che : Operation Live Crime
R.A.I.N.E : Peace
Rage : End Of All Days
Rage Of Angels : The Devil´s New Tricks
Rainbow : On Stage
Rainbow : Stranger In Us All
Raise Cain : Call It Whatever You Want
Rammstein : Reise, Reise
Rammstein : Herzeleid
Rammstein : Sehnsucht
Ramones : End Of The Century
Ramos : Living In The Light
Ratt : Reach For The Sky
Raven : All For One
Rebel Pride : It is What It is
Red Circuit : Trance State
Red Fun : Red Fun
Reo Speedwagon : You Can Tune A Piano, But You Can't Tune A Fish
Reo Speedwagon : Hi Infidelity
Reo Speedwagon : Good Trouble
Return : Fourplay
Reverend : World Wont Miss You
Rhinobucket : Get Used To It
Riot : Riot Live
Riot : Thundersteel
Riot : The Brethren Of The Long House
Riot : Restless Breed
Riot : Army Of One
Ripe : A Moment Of Forever
Risk : Dirty Surface
Riverdogs : Bone
Riverdogs : Riverdogs
Rolie, Gregg : Gringo/Hands Of Time
Rolie, Gregg : Roots
Rolling Stones : A Bigger Bang
Rolling Stones : Stripped
Rose Tattoo : Pain
Ross, Stephen : Midnight Drive
Roth Brock Project : Roth Brock
Rough Silk : Symphony Of Life
Rough Silk : Wheels Of Time
Rough Silk : Roots Of Hate
Roxx Gang : Love Em, And Leave Em
Royal Tramps : Dangerous And Extremely unhealthy
Rude Awakening : Silent Cry
Running Wild : The Brotherhood
Russell, Jack : Shelter Me
Sabu, Paul : Paul Sabu (Jap)
Sabu, Paul : Between The Light
Sack Trick : Penguins On The Moon
Sacred Steel : Slaughter Prophecy
Sacred Warrior : Wicked Generation
Saga : Wildest Dreams
Saga : In Transit
Saga : Silent Knight
Saga : Heads Or Tales
Sahara : Going Crazy
Saigon Kick : Devil In The Details
Saigon Kick : Water
SALTY DOG : Every Dog Has Its Day
Samson : Live At Reading 81'
Sandmen, The : Sleepyhead
Saraya : Saraya
SARGANT FURY : Still Want More
Sargant Fury : Turn The Page
Sateria : Crash, Bang Boom
Savage : Loose'N Lethal
Savage : 7
Savage : Live N Lethal
Savage Affair : 45 rpm
Savatage : The Dungeons are calling / Sirens
Savatage : Power Of The Night
Savatage : Wake Of Magellan
Savatage : Handful Of Rain
Savatage : Edge Of Thorns
Savatage : Streets A Rock Opera
Savatage : Poets And Madmen
Savatage : Dead Winter Dead
Savatage : Japan Live 94
Saxon : Rock'N Roll GYpsies
Schlitt, John : Shake
Section A : The Seventh Sign
Sexton, Charlie : Charlie Sexton
Shades & Peters : Let The Record Spin
Shankle, David Group : Ashes To Ashes
Shannon : Shannon
Shark Island : Bloodline
Shaw, Tommy : What If
Sheela : Straight Hearted Ones
Shotgun Messiah : Second Coming
Shotgun Messiah : Shotgun Messiah
Shotgun Messiah : Violent New Breed
Shotgun Symphony : Shotgun Symphony
SHY : Welcome To The Madhouse
Silent Rage : Still Alive
Silver : Addiction
Silvertide : Show And Tell
Sinner : The Second Decade
Sinner : The Bottom Line (Jap)
Sinner : The End Of Sanctuary
Sinner : The Nature Of Evil
Sister Whiskey : Liquer & Poker
Skagarack : Big Time
Skagarack : A Slice Of Heaven
Skew Siskin : Album Of The Year
Sky High : Have Guitar, Will Travel
Slaughter : Stick It live
Slaughter House : Face Reality
Snider, Dee : Dont let the bastards wear you down
Snider, Dee : For The Love Of Metal
Soho 69 : Scatterbrain
Son Of A Bitch : Victim You
Sonata Arctica : Winterhearts Guild
Sons Of Angels : Slumber With the Lion
Soul Kitchen : Soul Kitchen
Spiro, Mark : Devotion
Spiro, Mark : The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of
Springsteen, Bruce : The River
Squier, Billy : Creatures Of Habit
Squier, Billy : Signs Of Life
Stage Dolls : Stripped
Status Quo : Status Quo Live
Status Quo : QUO
Status Quo : Blue For You
Status Quo : Rockin' All Over The World
Status Quo : Whatever You Want
Steve Morse Band : Stressfest
Steve Whitney Band : Striptease
Steven, Little : Freedom - No Compromise
Stillborn : State Of Disconnection
Stomped : Opening Statement
Storm, The : The Storm
Stormbringer : The Unformed Matter
Street Legal : Thunderdome
Streets : Crimes In Mind
Streets : Shakedown
Subway : Taste The Difference
Suicidal Tendencies : Suicidal For Life
Suicidal Tendencies : The Art Of Rebellion
Summer, Henry Lee : Way Past Midnight
Summer, Henry Lee : Henry Lee Summer
Supertramp : Breakfast In America
Supertramp : Some Things Never Change
Surgin : Tokyo Rose
Swedish Erotica : Blindman's Justice
Sweet F.A : Stick To Your Guns
Sweet F.A : Temptation
Sweet, The : Sweet Fanny Adams
Sweet, The : Desolation Boulevard
Sweet, The : Live At The Marquee
Sykes, John : Blonde And Dangerous
Sykes, John : Out Of My Tree
T.T Quick : Metal Of Honor
Tafolla, Joey : Infra-Blue
Take Off : Times Of Change
Talisman : Life
Talisman : Humanimal
Tamplin, Ken : Tamplin
Tangier : Four Winds
Tangier : Stranded
Tank : Honour And Blood
Tank : Valley Of Tears
Tate, Danny : Danny Tate
Taylor, Andy : Dangerous
Taylor, Andy : Thunder
Ten : Heresy And Creed
Tepper, Robert : Modern Madness
Tesla : Real To Reel
Tesla : Reel To Reel 2
Testament : Ritual
Testament : LOW
Texas : Southside
The 69 Eyes : Angels
The Gregg Allman Band : Just Before The Bullets Fly
The Itch : The Itch
The Last Hard Men : The Last Hard Men
The Sins Of The Beloved : Perpetual Desolation
Thin Lizzy : Live And Dangerous
Thin Lizzy : Chinatown
Thin Lizzy : Johnny The Fox
Thin Lizzy : Live At BBC One
Thin Lizzy : Bad Reputation
Thin Lizzy : Fighting
Thomson, Steve : Steve Thomson
Thorogood, George : Maverick
Thunderhead : Ugly Side
Tims, Teri : Whole Lotta trouble
Tipton, Glen : Baptism Of Fire
Titanic : Maiden Voyage
TOBRUK : Pleasure & Pain
Toiletboys : Toiletboys
Tom Castro, Johnny Nitro, Kevin Russell : S.F Blues Guitar Summit Vol. III
Top Musicians Play : .Led Zeppelin
Tora Tora : Surprise Attack
Tora Tora : Wild America
Torch : Fireraiser
Torme : Die Pretty, Die Young
Total Eclipse : Ashes Of Eden
Total Stranger : Total Stranger
Tower City : A Little Bit Of Fire
Toxic Karizma : Toxic Karizma
Toxic Rose : Total Tranquility
Toys Of Joy : One Of These Days
Traceelords : Refuse To Kiss Ass
Tramp, Mike : More To Life Than This
Trash : Watch Out
Tribute : Dragon Attack - A Tribute To Queen
Triumph : King Bisquit
Triumph : Never Surrender
Triumph : Stages
Triumph : Live At The US Festival 1983
Trixter : New Audio Machine
Trouble : Psalm9/The Skull
Trouble : Manic Frustration
Trouble : Simple Mind Condition
True Brits : She Won't Rock
Tubes : Outside inside
Tubes : The Very Best Of
Twain, Shania : For The Love Of Him
Twisted Toyz : Fragments Of A Distant thunder
Twyster : Lunatic Siren
Ty Tabor : Moonflower Lane
Tygers Of Pan Tang : Wild Cat
Tygers Of Pan Tang : Spellbound
Tygers Of Pan Tang : Bad Bad Kitty
Tygers Of Pang Tang : Tygers Of Pang Tang
Tyketto : Strength In Numbers
Type O Negative : October Rust
TYR : Hel
U.F.O : Strangers In The Night
U.F.O : Walk On Water
U.F.O : Covenant
U.f.o : The Wild, The Willing and The Innocent
U.f.o : Lights Out
U.f.o : Sharks
U.f.o : On With The Action
Ugly Kid Joe : Motel California
UNLEASHED POWER : Quintet Of Spheres
Urban Tale : S/T
Vai, Steve : The Ultra Zone
Van Zant : King Bisquit Live
Vandenberg : Best Of Vandenberg
Vanderhoof : Vanderhoof
Vanderhoof : A Blur In Time
Various Artists : We Wish You A Hairy Christmas
Vendetta : Vendetta
Vera, Joey : A Thousand Faces
Vicious Rumors : Vicious Rumors
Vicious Rumors : Soldiers Of The Night
Viking Skull : Viking Skull
Vito, Rick : King Of Hearts
Voivod : The Outer Limits
Volbeat : Beyond Heaven Above Hell
Volbeat : Live From Beyond Hell/Above Heaven
Volbeat : Seal the Deal & Lets Boogie
Von Groove : Test Of Faith
Voodoo Sioux : S.K.R.A.P.E
VOODOO X : The Awakening
Vow Wow : Helter Skelter
VU, The : Phoenix Rising
W.a.s.p. : Kill Fuck Die
W.A.S.P. : Helldorado
Waite, John : Temple Bar
Walsh, Steve : Glossolalia
WAR AND PEACE : Time Capsule
War Babies : War Babies
WARRANT : Dog Eat Dog
WATSON, JEFF : Lone Ranger
Way, Pete : Amphetamine
Wayne Metal Church : Wayne Metal Church
Waysted : Vices
West, John : Permanent Mark
Whiskey Dogs : Skeleton Creek
White Wolf : Standing Alone
White Zombie : Astro-Creep 2000
Whitefoxx : Whitefoxx
WHITESNAKE : Restless Heart
WHITESNAKE : Starkers In Tokya
Whitesnake : Slide It In
Whitesnake : Snakebite
Whitesnake : Live'In the heart of the city
Wicked Sensation : Reflected
WIDOWMAKER : Standby For Pain
WIDOWMAKER : Blood And Bullets
Wig Wam : Non Stop Rock´N Roll
WILD HORSES : Bareback
Wilde, Danny : Danny Wilde
Williamson, Mark : Time Slipping By
Winger, Kip : Made By Hand
Witch Cross : Axe To Grind
Within Temptation : The Heart Of Everything
Wolfpakk : Rise Of The Animal
Wrathchild America : 3-D
Wylde, Zakk : Book Of Shadows
Y and T : Open Fire
Y and T : Musically Incorrect
Y and T : Live On The Friday Rock Show
Y and T : Meanstreak
Y And T : Earthshaker
Zan Clan, The : Citizen Of Wasteland
Zander, Robin : Robin Zander
Zauce : Ignition
Zebra : IV
Zeno : Listen To The Light
ZERO : Zero
Zinatra : The Great Escape
Zombie, Rob : Hellbilly Deluxe
ZZ Top : El Loco
ZZ Top : Recycler
ZZ Top : Deguello
ZZ Top : Fandango
ZZ Top : Rio Grande Mud
ZZ Top : Rhythmeen
ZZ Top : ZZ Tops first album
ZZ Top : Tres Hombres
ZZ Top : Tejas
ZZ Top : Antenna
ZZ Top : XXX